Kingdom Come GTA3
Keep going from here and up the steps to your right for a great vantage point

Kingdom Come is one of the most entertaining of the missions, as you find out Catalina has set you up and let loose a gang of Spanked up madmen to try and blow you up.

For the first part of this mission you’ll need a fast car. Drive to the pick-up point against the clock, making sure you enter via the north into the projects area.

Inside the car is a note from Catalina and then the fun begins.

If you get out of the car and try and take the madmen on, they will run towards you and detonate their bombs, so it’s best to drive out of the car park turn immediate right and then go up the steps near the car park (as per our picture). You can then take out some of the madmen with a well aimed grenade or two. Be careful though as they will stand as close to you as possible and it’s easy to get taken out with the double explosion.

You’ll need to take out their vans with a grenade or rocket launcher or they will keep coming. Once you’ve taken out all the madmen inside the project yard, there’s one waiting for you outside. Keep on the move, watch him on the radar and take him out at distance with a sniper rifle or a high-powered weapon before he gets too close.

If your health runs low, head off to the hospital to top it up, as there’s no time limit on this mission.

Once you’ve completed this mission, the Yardies will try and attack you any time they see you.

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