Bait GTA3
It’s a trap! Use the ramp in front of you to escape.

In this mission you’re once again the bait, as Asuka asks you to lure Catalina’s hit men into a trap.

First you’ll need to head back to Shoreside Vale in a fast or strong car. Drive in front of the cars to lure them out, but don’t speed off into the distance. Keep a close eye on the radar and make sure you keep them reasonably close behind or they won’t follow you to the trap where the Yazuka gunmen await.

And no, you can’t cheat by using the rocket launcher to take them out from a safe distance as you’ll fail the mission.

Once you’re sure they are close behind, lead them into the area indicated in yellow and you can either jump off the ramp in front of you and let the Yazuka shoot it out by themselves or join in the fun yourself, but obviously make sure you don’t get wasted in the process.

You can try and lead all three cars at once, although you’ll risk getting your car damaged in the process and the Yazuka usually won’t be able to deal with them all at the same time. Also usually only one car will get destroyed.

It takes a little longer one by one, but it’s relatively easy to complete the mission in this way. If you do decide to stick around and join in the fun, just keep a close eye on your health to avoid having to restart the mission – the hospital is just around the corner if you’re low on health.

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