Get into position, aim slightly in front of the plane and fire…

S.A.M is one of the most challenging missions in the game. A plane is due to land at Francis International Airport and it’s your job to take it out and intercept the packages its carrying.

The first challenge is to get to the plane in time. It’s a good time to use the Bulletproof Patriot from earlier in the game or you could just use one of the Stingers near Asuka if you’re happy to dodge the police with four wanted stars later in the mission.

Now you have to try and reach the jetty as fast as you can. When you’re there stay on the left-hand side of the channel marked by buoys. Pilot the boat up the ramp on the left-hand side as you approach the airport and slide it up the ramp.

Then use the rocket launcher to take out the Cartel members on top of the ramp. As you run to the top switch to the machine gun just in case any are still alive.

Get in position – the plane will approach from the east, so just turn to face down the runway, slightly off to the side as shown in the picture. As the plane comes in you’ll need to be accurate as once it’s past you, it’s mission over. Aim slightly to the left as it comes in to take into account its movement.

Time your shot and then you’ll need to collect the packages as quickly as you can, racking up four wanted stars as you do so. You’ll need to keep moving as a police helicopter will try and take you out.

Run back down the ramp next to the runway and follow it round to the left when you reach the bottom – there’s a Cartel member guarding a fast boat, so take him out with the machine gun and jump in the boat and head back to the jetty on Staunton Island and into your car.

The police are likely to be waiting for you on the ramp, so make sure you don’t get knocked back into the water or blocked in and busted. Alternatively you can run up the hillside and jack a car, taking the risk of being exposed on foot.

You’ll need to lose your wanted stars. It can be a challenge as you’re the other side of the island to the Pay’N’Spray. However, with the Bulletproof Patriot or particularly by jacking an army truck, you shouldn’t have too much trouble from the cops.

Once you’ve lost your wanted stars, drive back to the construction yard where you’ll find a ransom note leading up to the final and most challenging mission – The Exchange.

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