Portland Island hidden packages location
Use our handy map to find all the hidden packages on Portland Island

Hidden Packages are key if you want to get free weapons in the game and avoid pricey trips to Ammunation with an additional weapon available at your hideout for each 10 collected.

10 = Pistol
20 = Uzi
30 = Grenades
40 = Shotgun
50 = Body armour
60 = Molotovs
70 = AK-47
80 = Sniper rifle
90 = M-16
100 = Rocket launcher

Now you could spend hours exploring every inch of the game to find them all, but it helps if you know where to look.

In the first of our three guides, we tell you where to find all of the hidden packages on Portland Island.

  1. Keep heading down the track and you’ll find it before you reach the end
  2. Climb up onto the roof of Luigi’s Club (go through the alleyway and up the stairs) and jump across to the next roof
  3. Nice and easy to find behind the building
  4. As with 2., go up onto to the roof and there it is
  5. Use the stairs to go up onto the roof
  6. Near the phone is an easy to spot package
  7. Up the stairs and it’s up on the roof. Also a handy spot to complete the Sayanara Salvatore mission.
  8. Down into the subway and it’s near the toilets. Don’t go all the way down to the trains. However, you’ll need to have reach Staunton Island to reach this hidden package, as the subway is blocked until then.
  9. Down the alleyway
  10. Again down another alleyway as shown on the map
  11. Inside the walls of the fish factory, but you’ll need one of the Triad fish vans to get in through the gate
  12. You’ll need a boat for this one, but you can’t get hold of one until you’ve reach Staunton, so you’ll need to come back for this one. It’s found on the island just to the south of Portland. Get good speed up to make sure you land the boat (east side) and it doesn’t float off. When you’ve landed it, jump out and there’s one of the trickier hidden packages to obtain.
  13. Another tricky one to find. You’ll need to jump onto the train track to the south, walk along it and then jump onto the roof of the radio station.
  14. Near a couple of the trees here.
  15. You’ll need to head inside the construction company building
  16. Near the start of the bridge and behind the fence near the mill
  17. Use the ramp to climb up and over
  18. Again use the nearby ramp to get up onto the roof of the mill
  19. This can be a frustrating one to find, as it’s easy to fall off when attempting this. You’ll need to walk along the wall next to the petrol (gas) station and then jump left onto the roof.
  20. For this one, drive around the building (entrance is on the lowest side) and it’s there on the far side
  21. Climb up round the back of the ruined building and it’s there up a floor and next to the street
  22. Behind the fence near Joey’s garage
  23. Inside the Auto’s store, smash through the glass with a car. Hey, what’s that? A Banshee car – the fastest on  the island…
  24. Inside the dog food factory
  25. Another one found up on the roof
  26. Get to this one but going over the roof to the north and heading south on foot or in a vehicle
  27. Again you’ll have to reach this one from the train tracks. It’s there on the roof of the Supa Save. Jump down and into the Patriot for the Patriot challenge.
  28. Down yet another alley
  29. There’s an underground tunnel which takes a little finding. When you do, help yourself to the Molotov cocktails the tramps have (but don’t drink them…)
  30. Just walk around Salvatore’s mansion and you’ll find this one
  31. It’s down on the beach to the east of Salvatore’s mansion
  32. This will take a little practice. Go up the stairs opposite the cargo ship and it’s on the roof opposite which you can only reach with a well-timed running jump
  33. At the end of the pier. While you’re there, why not turn around and attempt the jump with the ramp at the exit of the pier.

Location of hidden packages on Staunton Island
Location of hidden packages on Portland Island