Looking for where to find the hidden packages on Staunton Island?

Now you could spend hours searching for them in the game or you could simply use our map to find them. Up to you…

Staunton Island will get you all the way up to 69 hidden packages and an endless supply of everything up to Molotov’s on the chart below.

10 = Pistol
20 = Uzi
30 = Grenades
40 = Shotgun
50 = Body armour
60 = Molotovs
70 = AK-47
80 = Sniper rifle
90 = M-16
100 = Rocket launcher

So, where are all those hidden packages?

  1. Let’s start with the hardest one as you’ll need to have reached Shoreside Vale to get this one… Wait in the middle of the bridge on the section that lifts up. When you reach the top there is a hidden package around the middle.
  2. Face east away from the pontoon and it’s there in front of you
  3. Down a small alleyway on the right of the entrance to the project area
  4. Down another alleyway next to the deli
  5. Down under the curve of the bridge
  6. Head through the gap towards the church
  7. Head up the stairs to the left of the project area and it’s on the roof
  8. Inside the projects area
  9. Inside the underground carpark (to left of entrance to projects area)
  10. All the way up the stadium steps and it’s tucked away
  11. Get yourself up onto the curve of the bridge and look down. Can’t see it? Walk a little further, swipe up and down and you’ll spot it. You’ll need to jump down to get it
  12. Inside the park, look for the basketball court
  13. Under the bridge in the park
  14. Down yet another alleyway
  15. Tucked around the back of the big sign
  16. You’ll need a Cartel Cruiser for this one and then the gates will open
  17. Walk up the footbridge and it’s in the middle
  18. Keep going until you reach the sea wall and it’s there round the corner
  19. As per the image below, it’s up on the roof in the hospital. Jump up on an ambulance to get up there.
  20. Alongside the university, easy to find
  21. Yet another alleyway…
  22. Go down into the underground garage (enter facing north)
  23. Right up on the roof, enter to the left of the entrance to the underground garage and keep going all the way to the top
  24. Look for the glass windows around the side, smash through them with a car and it’s there up the stairs
  25. Inside the open garage in the Pay’N’Spray area
  26. Keep going up two levels in the multi-story car park
  27. Up the museum stairs
  28. Head round the police station in a police vehicle and you’ll find it
  29. Similar to 61.
  30. Head down the steps into the sunken area and you can’t miss it
  31. Climb up the building under construction and it’s on the second floor
  32. Easy to find, again inside the construction area
  33. You’ll need to head up the steps near the entrance to the casino and it’s up on the roof
  34. Climb up onto the bridge and it’s in the middle (easy to fall off so go carefully…)
  35. Walk to the end of the pontoon
  36. As above walk to the end of the pontoon to the south

Location of the hidden packages on Portland Island
Location of the hidden packages on Staunton Island

Location of hidden packages Staunton Island
You’ll need some help getting up there. Try an ambulance…