Apple versus Android
Android has caught up in terms of devices, but is still a long way short on revenues

For a company that is so careful when releasing its sales numbers, it’s been fascinating to see the sales figures disclosed as part of the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung court case.

In reality, it confirms much of what we already knew. The iPhone and latterly the iPad have been a hugely profitable product lines for Apple, helping propel it to the world’s biggest company at the time of writing. Samsung, however, is also selling a considerable number of units.

Here are some of the numbers revealed for the US market:

  • Apple has sold 85m iPhones from its launch in 2007 to Q2 2012
  • Apple has sold 34m iPads from its launch in 2010 to Q2 2012
  • Apple has sold 47m iPod touch’s from 2007 to Q2 2012
  • Interestingly (and perhaps understandably given the iPhone is effectively an iPod touch with a phone!), iPod touch sales are declining from 2m in 2007, 6m in 2008, 11m in 2009, 13m in 2010, 11m in 2011 and down to 4m in the first two quarters of 2012 indicating that the downward trend will continue.
  • It’s still early days for the iPad, but it is continuing to show strong growth with 8m sales in 2010, 16m in 2011 and 10m already by Q2 in 2012
  • Likewise the iPhone continues to grow in sales numbers and with the heavily rumoured iPhone 5 to come, it’s fair to assume that the growth rate will increase further in the second half of this year. Sales have been 3m in 2007, 7m in 2008, 10m 2009, 14m in 2010, 32m in 2011 and 19m already by Q2 2012.

But what of Samsung’s US Smartphone sales?

  • Being later to the Smartphone market sales don’t go back as far, but are on a strong upward curve with 5m in 2010, 12m in 2011 and 21m already in the first two quarters of 2012
  • The top selling handset currently is the Galaxy Prevail with the Epic 4G a close second