Traffic Panic tips and tactics
This may not go well…

Traffic Panic 3D is one of the most entertaining and addictive games on the app store with seven figure download numbers to prove it.

The concept is simple enough. You are in control of a set of traffic lights and have to guide a variety of vehicles through a set of crossroads.

Traffic coming from the left has no respect for your traffic lights, so it’s down to you to use a combination of timing and bravery to get the vehicles through before a traffic jam or a crash ends the game.

Much of the fun is in the crashes themselves, with amusingly over the top graphics, particularly when you level up and unlock the petrol tanker which is a highly combustible health and safety nightmare taking out just about everything in its path including buildings.

So, what are our tips and tactics to help you achieve a top 5% score on Game Center?

  1. Your score per vehicle is time based. The quicker you get a vehicle through the higher your score and the longer the vehicle the higher you score with a maximum of 300 points for long vehicles like the coach and petrol tanker. If you guide a vehicle through without stopping you get the full 200-300 points. If you stop, you score less, but you’re less likely to crash.
  2. It’s all about the timing. Keep practising and get to know the size gap that will let a set of vehicles through. A set of 3 smaller vehicles will squeeze through a pretty small gap, but you’ll need to be much more careful when there’s a pesky coach on the front row.
  3. Use double tap to get vehicles through in sets of 3 when space is tight
  4. Early on in the game when there is less traffic, focus on your timing to try and get as many vehicles through without stopping as you can
  5. Likewise, when there is a big gap keep the lights green to get a few rows through and to clear some space for those behind.
  6. The challenge is when you have a long vehicle on the left and you’ll need to wait for a suitable space. When they are on the right there’s more time to squeeze it through.
  7. Level up to get emergency vehicles as soon as you can. These are the key to a big score as they will stop the traffic for long enough to get just about all vehicles in sight through the gap.
  8. Use the emergency vehicles to stop the traffic and then release it to get maximum points for those vehicles still approaching the junction.
  9. When you’ve unlocked all the emergency vehicles, it’s down to you whether you’re looking for the maximum points or the maximum crash and damage points. If it’s maximum points, disable the trailer and petrol tanker and you’ll find it much easier to guide the other vehicles through the traffic.
  10. If it’s maximum damage points you’re after, then you’ll need to visit the City Shop to unlock the various fragile buildings and use the insurance fraud in-app purchase to really max our your score