Sayonara Salvatore
The view from the rooftop – you’ll need to be a good shot though

In Sayonara Salvatore, Asuka challenges you to prove your ties to the mafia are over by taking out Salvatore Leone who tried to double-cross you.

Unfortunately, no sooner have you arrived in Staunton you need to go back to Portland to complete this mission.

And now only are the Triads trying to take you out, now the mafia are out to get you as well.

You need to reach his club back in Portland before he leaves and kill him before he reaches safely in his mansion. You’ll need to get there quickly so take Asuka’s Banshee parked outside.

There are several ways to complete this mission, some more fun than others.

Drive-by, run over

Drive alongside Salvatore’s limo and keep firing with your Uzi until he bursts into flames and his car explodes. This is easier said than done as there’s not a huge distance from his club to his mansion. Alternatively line up outside the club with a fast car and try and run him over, but neither of these options are easy as the mafia cars will try and take you out if you go for the drive-by option and likewise the mafia men on the ground will shoot at you if you try and run him down and you’ll need to get your timing spot on.

Sniper rifle

Walk round the side of the building opposite the alleyway near his club and up the stairs, taking a position with a good line of fire. If you have it, use the sniper rifle to line him up and take him out. Alternatively you can wait on the road outside at a safe distance from the watching mafia and take him out. The challenge is that he’s on the move, so you’ll need to shoot accurately.

Block his exit

Either try to park a long vehicle outside the club or better still outside his mansion. When the cut scene is shown we’ve often found that the vehicle you parked blocking the exit mysteriously gets removed. At the mansion, he and his mafia bodyguards will try and break through, but you can simply detonate the vehicle with a grenade or weapon fire and it will take him out as well. Be quick though, particularly at his mansion as he will find an alternative route in. It’s also a long wait at his mansion, so it’s more fun to try and take him out at his club but you’ll have less chance of success.

We found this to be the most reliable way to take him out.

Mission for: Asuka
Reward: $25,000

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