Bomb Da Base
Where to find the all important adrenalin pill…

Bomb Da Base is one of the most visually spectacular set pieces in the game as you get to blow up and sink a giant cargo ship which is doubling as a Spank factory for the Columbian Cartel, but it’s easier said than done.

Act I

To start off the mission, you’ll need to visit explosives expert 8-Ball to provide the firepower necessary to sink a ship. He’ll also provide you with the key weapon for the task – a sniper rifle. On the way why not visit the car showroom next to his garage and pick up one of the Banshee cars inside the glass windows.

The only snag is you’ll need $100k. You should have gathered more than that from completing the missions to date, but if you were anything like us, you’ll have used up your cash buying weapons to go on extra-curricular run-ins with the cops.

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Once you’ve paid up it’s time to head to the docks for Act 2, death or glory and one big explosion.

Act II

As ever, try not to flip the car and kill yourself or 8-Ball. There’s no time limit so take your time or just get some Turismo practice in on the way…

To complete this mission you’ll need to be prepared. Firstly, avoid taking our the Columbians at the entrance to the ship with your car as this will start the mission and you’ll have no chance to complete it. Likewise if you go in all guns blazing there are simply too many Columbians to take out and keep 8-Ball or indeed yourself alive.

Instead you’ll need to head up the stairs opposite the ship and take up a vantage point on the rooftop. Now it takes some very quick shooting to take out the Columbians before they take out 8-Ball so you may need a little extra help.

Thankfully help is at hand with an adrenalin pill available near the entrance to the docks (see the location in the picture on the right). When you’ve taken this don’t get back into the car as it will lose effect. Instead walk back to the rooftop area and line up your first target.

To help 8-Ball get through take out the Cartel members at the entrance and then work your way right. The adrenalin pill will give you valuable time to get enough shots in. The adrenalin will help, but you have to be both quick and accurate, so don’t waste any time or shots.

Another good tactic is to shoot the red petrol drums staring with those on the left as this can take out one than one Cartel member. Just make sure you shoot left to right and with a little practice you’ll master this mission and more than get your money back with a $150k bonus.

Mission for: Salvatore Leone
Reward: $150,000

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