Decoy GTA3
The armoured truck you’ll need to protect in Decoy

Decoy is another entertaining mission where you act as an, erm, decoy while the real driver escapes with Donald Love’s mysterious package.

Drive yourself over to the bridge to Staunton island. As you approach the armoured truck, you’ll notice two police trucks on the right. Head up to the armoured truck and walk up the ramp looking south at the police trucks. Take them out with the rocket launcher which will buy you a little time. Don’t worry if you now have four stars as you’ll soon have considerably more…

As soon as you’re in the truck, you’ll have the maximum six wanted stars and two and a half minutes in which to avoid getting the truck destroyed. If you stay out in the open you have no chance, so you’ll need to head underground.

The tunnel

Route one is to head for the tunnel on the right as you approach the main bridge. When you’re underground you’ll find there are less police vehicles and by staying on the move you should be able to hold out.

Going underground

Route two is to head for the subway. You’ll find this up the steps past the airport passenger entrance where you dropped off Ray Machowski. Drive up the steps, down into the subway and onto the tracks and you should be home free.


With six stars a Pay’N’Spray won’t take your wanted stars away, however, it can still help you out. Drive up to the Pay’N’Spray on Staunton and enter the garage. Stay in there and the cops will smash into you but won’t be able to do much damage.

You then just have to wait out the remaining time while watching them fruitlessly smashing into the edge of the garage and each other.

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