espresso-2-go map
Use our handy map to work out where the stalls are

Espresso-2-go in Grand Theft Auto 3 is a mission in which you need to be organised. Thankfully we have a number of tips and a strategy to match.

There are 9 ‘spank’ stalls across the three islands and you have nine minutes in which to destroy them all.

Nine minutes seems a long time, but with three islands to cross, plus the time it takes to find and then destroy each stall you have to have a plan.

Firstly, make sure you have the right car for the job. The bulletproof Patriot is a good choice – reasonably quick and, erm, bulletproof, a handy quality given the Cartel member will shoot at you during and after you attack the stall. Failing that a fast car will do the job, but you’re likely to need more than one, so make sure you don’t wait for the car to explode, find another fast car when you’ve taken some damage.

Secondly, the countdown doesn’t start until you’ve destroyed the first one. So make sure you cover all three islands first to reveal the location of the nine stalls as they are only revealed when you’re nearby. There are 2 on Portland, 2 on Shoreside and 5 on Staunton. Use our map on this page to work out where you need to go. On Shoreside two Cartel vehicles will try and ram you which can cost valuable time unless you keep your speed up.

Either start on Shoreside or Portland and plan your route carefully and don’t bother taking out the Cartel member, just destroy the stall and move quickly onto the next one. Make sure you’re carrying enough speed to take out the stall or you’ll have to reverse back and forth and the Cartel member is likely to damage your car.

It may take a few attempts to get the timing right, but just make sure you keep an eye on the damage levels to your car as there’s nothing more frustrating than hunting around for another car and being stuck with a van. Keep it together and it’s $40,000 and you’re within touching distance of the finish.

Happy hunting!

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