Securicar van - quick money
Ram it, blow it up for quick cash

Those that like to create a little mayhem by stocking up on arms and staging a shoot-out may get caught short of money on certain missions in Grand Theft Auto 3.

8 Ball requires $100k earlier in the game and then the final mission requires you to stump up $500k as well as the frustration of losing all your weapons.

However, help is at hand with some quick and some not so quick ways of generating cash:

1. Create mayhem. The more destruction you wreak on other vehicles the more money you earn. Either take up a good vantage point and use your weapons to take out vehicles or get the strongest vehicle you can, army truck or the tank are the best options. Well, how do I get hold of a tank, you say? Read out tips on how to find a tank. However, this will only earn you a few thousand at a time unless you really stick at it.

2. Securicar armoured vans. You’ll find these on Staunton Island, typically on the north of the island. Ram into them and watch the money go up, although again you’re only really dealing in thousands.

3. Two tanks. If you can do the difficult part of getting hold of two tanks then this is almost too easy. Simply line up one at right angles to a second tank and use your gun pointing backwards to repeatedly ram into it. Eventually your tank will blow up, but not until you’ve bagged around $50k. Repeat.

4. Unique jumps. Simply find the ramps through the game and launch yourself into the sky, the more distance and flips the better. There are 20 unique jumps to find in the game and the bonus ‘ramps’ by $5k up as you complete them until you get a bonus jackpot.

5. Taxi missions. A good way to get to know the islands and a quick way to get a few thousand.

6. Stolen cars. For the really big money, you need to complete the list of stolen cars. This involves getting a complete set of emergency vehicles and also civilian cars for Portland Docks, plus a complete set of civilian cars to the garage in Pike Creek on Shoreside Vale which earns you a cool $250k. The full list of cars is here.

7. Missions. It should go without saying, but the most interesting and challenging way to earn money is to complete the missions and to bear in mind to keep back $500k for the final mission. Complete all the missions and you’ll earn a full million.

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