How to get a tank in GTA3
The perfect addition to any garage in Grand Theft Auto 3

With a tank at your disposal in GTA3, you’re king of the road. Any other vehicle, tanks excepted, will simply explode as you crash into it, unless of course you haven’t already blown it up with your cannon. Suddenly tricky missions are a breeze as you bulldoze or explode your way through any obstacle in your path.

Getting hold of one is understandably difficult. Or so it seemed…

First up is the tricky task of getting yourself six stars while staying alive. This one is solved with our quick and easy tip on how to get six stars on GTA3. Now you’re ready for the fun to start.

Wait a minute or so until you can see several tanks appearing. Then switch to Uzi and sprint out into the road, firing as you go or unleash a stream of grenades. Make sure you dodge any tanks who will try and run you over as high health or not, that’s a trip to hospital for you.

Get yourself alongside a tank and enter it as you would any other vehicle. Make sure you get moving fast or you’ll be busted by one of the army. Other tanks will try and ram you off the road, but there’s little damage they or indeed any other vehicle can do to you for a long time.

Drive back to your safehouse, enjoying the carnage as you spread a wave of destruction in your path, just making sure you don’t tip the tank over and ruin all that hard(ish) work.

Lock the tank safely in your safehouse and then save the game and go and face the music. You’ll soon be busted or wasted as you’re carrying six stars, but then you can head back to your safehouse, open up the garage and start driving your tank with zero stars.

Still too tricky for you? There’s an even easier way, provided you’ve progressed far enough in the game, which we cover in this article – ‘Where to find a tank in GTA3.’

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