A Drop in the Ocean GTA3
Line up your boat as shown here to give yourself the best chance to beat the cops to the packages

A Drop in the Ocean sees you head back into the water in another challenging mission from Donald Love.

A plane will drop a series of packages into the water and it’s up to you to reach them first before the cops do. You’ll need to get yourself a boat against the clock. Head to Asuka’s residence and the most southerly pontoon where you’ll find the faster of the police boats.

Then head south as shown in the main image, facing north and just south of the small island. Wait for the plane to fly overhead and as soon as you see the first package hit the water line it up carefully and reach it and the six to follow as fast you you can.

The packages will all be dropped to the north and if you’re too slow the cops will reach them. Make sure you follow the trajectory of the plane and don’t miss any pick-ups or you’ll waste too much time turning around.

Once you’ve picked up all six you’ll have five wanted stars. Head back to the pontoon outside Asuka’s house and jump into a fast car – her Banshee is parked handily nearby. Just be careful you don’t fall into the water as you run as it’s all too easily done – why can’t Claude swim for that matter?

Now you’ve the challenge of five wanted stars to negotiate. Step on it and head to the Pay’N’Spray to lose those stars which thankfully is not too far away to the right of the hill from Asuka’ place. Once you’ve reached the Pay’N’Spray head back to Donald Love’s to pick up your $10,000 reward, slim pickings by Donald Love’s standards.

Best of all you’ve now unlocked Shoreside Vale and the final island. Get ahead of the game by reading our tips on how to get six stars and how to get yourself a tank!

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