Marked Man GTA3
A bulletproof Patriot and a tank. The perfect garage combo…

In Marked Man, Ray Machowski re-appears for his final mission. His corrupt world has caught up with him, so he calls on you to whisk him away from Staunton island to the relative safety of a flight from Shoreside Vale.

However, the CIA are on to him and are covering the bridge, so you’ll need to find an alternative route to Shoreside Vale. There are several options and you’re against the clock, so it’s imperative you start the mission with a fast car.

If you are really quick you could try a boat, but the time spent jumping in and out and then finding the right vehicle at the other end makes this a difficult option.

There are a couple of easier options. Now you could take the subway, although it’s easy to lose time negotiating your way through the twists and turns of getting down the stairs and onto the track.

Far easier is just to take the tunnel in the north of the island, opposite Phil Cassidy’s base from Arms Shortage.

Go left at the first junction and then left again at the second and you’ll pop out near the airport. Just drive carefully enough not the flip the car and weave through the traffic and with a little luck you’ll make it with time to spare.

When you take the tunnel the cops will start shooting at you, but keep moving and you should make it through. If your car catches first just bail and you should be able to run the final section or just pick up another car.

More important than the mission is what Ray leaves you behind – a bulletproof Patriot, money and some serious weaponry.

First though you’ll need to head back to Staunton to pick it up. The CIA will keep shooting at you, so keep on the move and head back through the tunnel on the opposite side of the road to the one you emerged with. Just make sure you don’t flip the car and get killed or you’ll have to go back to the start. As you’re going back it’s right and right this time in the tunnel.

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