Arms Shortage GTA3
This alleyway holds the key to completing this mission

Of all the missions on Staunton Island in Grand Theft Auto 3, Arms Shortage is perhaps the most challenging.

In this mission, you visit one of the most useful locations in the game. Once you’ve completed the mission not only will you be able to buy some serious weaponry, including the rocket launcher, but you’ll also have access to army trucks and later in the game the might that is a rhino tank.

However, first you’ve got to get through this challenging mission. The Cartel members have some serious hardware of their own, so it’s best to be prepared.

1. First visit Ammunation to top up your armour and the hospital to top up your health

2. Once in Phil Cassidy’s base in Rockford, don’t activate the mission just yet. First find the alleyway to the north west as per the image. There are some cardboard boxes. Practice jumping up them, onto the wall and then jumping on the container on the left, as this is where you’ll be able to get a rocket launcher.

3. Once you’ve mastered this manoeuvre, activate the mission.

4. The Cartel come from all sides, so very quickly block the entrance with the army truck.

5. Then go back to the alleyway and wait for the Cartel member to drop out of the sky.

6. Now jump up the wall, get the rocket launcher and start blasting the cars outside the compound.

7. Check the radar. A cartel member will be waiting for you near the alleyway. Drop a grenade on him, check the radar for any final members and you’re home and dry.

It takes a little practice and you’ll need to be quick getting the truck in position, but with the steps above you should be able to complete this challenging mission.

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