Rocket launcher location
Look up there on the roof and there it is. A free rocket launcher…

If you’re looking for where to find the rocket launcher then you’ve come to the right place.

A rocket launcher is not only a very useful weapon for the more advanced missions, but it’s also great for creating the kind of mayhem that’s going to earn you six stars and the chance to get a tank.

So, where can you find the rocket launcher:

Arms Shortage

Once you’ve completed the Arms Shortage mission, you’ll be able to purchase them at his army supplies store. Now these are expensive and you’ll need to hang onto a decent sum of money to complete the game.

Shoreside Vale

If you’ve reached Shoreside Vale, the third island, then you can get one for free. Given the rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s not easy.

First you need to head over to Shoreside Vale and the big house furthest west (see where on the map on this page). Position yourself on the south side of the house looking up onto the roof on the left-hand side. But how do you get up there?

You’ll need an ambulance (just get yourself wasted and you’ll be at the hospital to pick one up). Drive it back to the house and round to the north east of the big house. Wedge it under the roof where it joins the steep slope of the garden.

It will take a few attempts, but you can jump up via the bonnet and then up onto the roof. Walk around the roof until you reach the rocket launcher.

And best of all, the rocket launcher will re-spawn, so after your next mission, just pop back and stock up again…

Rocket launcher GTA3
Where to find the rocket launcher