Grand Theft Aero GTA3
At the airport, head up these steps for a good vantage point for the sniper rifle

Grand Theft Aero is a long and challenging mission from Donald Love. It turns out the packages you intercepted from the plane in a Drop in the Ocean were a mere decoy and that the plane contained the real valuables.

This is the first mission that takes you over drive to Shoreside Vale via a long drive. At Francis International Airport, you’ll find a number of Cartel members guarding the plane. Given their high-powered weapons it makes sense to take them out using a sniper rifle, although you can just storm in if you’re a dab hand and firing on the move.

There are some steps you can walk up (as you’ll see in the picture) to get a good shot although you’ll then need to move to the left to take out the remaining Cartel members. Mission complete? Not so fast.

Unless you can master the plane, you’ll have to drive all the way back to Staunton island to complete the mission in the Construction Site and take on yet more Cartel members.

When you reach the Construction Site you’ll need to use the sniper rifle again. As you enter to the south, take out those Cartel members you can see, keep moving left to get an angle on new Cartel members. Then walk up the steps to get a good vantage point from the building in construction to your right and again use your sniper rifle.

However, you won’t be able to get all the Cartel members as there are still some hiding behind corners. You can use grenades to help as you move through, but expect a Cartel member around each corner and use your Uzi and stay on the move.

If your health looks like running out, top it and your armour back up, then go back in. If you get wasted it takes a long time to get back to this point, so it’s worth being careful.

Kill all the Cartel members and you’ll find Catalina up to her old tricks again. When the cut scene is complete just head back to Donald Love and this long mission is complete for a well earned $50,000 which has also unlocked new missions for Asuka.

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