Waka-Gashira Wipeout GTA3
A Cartel Cruiser – you’ll need one of these to unlock the gate

Before you start Waka-Gashira Wipeout make sure you’ve completed all of the Kenji missions or a bug in the game means you won’t be able to progress.

To save a little time use the Cartel Cruiser used in Liberator and head to the car park.

Drive to the top of the multi-story and watch the cut scene unfold. Make sure you don’t get out of the car or the Yazuka will see you and you’ll fail the mission.

Pick up speed and head left and simply run Kenji over, although you can use the Uzi to do a drive-by. Try to make sure you get him with the first attempt or the Yazuka will explode your car forcing you to bail and it’s mission failed.

To escape use the jump to the right and enjoy the show as you fly through the air, earning yourself a unique jump bonus if you haven’t done this jump already.

Next you’ll need to head out of Newport after which you just have to exit the Cartel Cruiser and it’s a relatively easy $30,000 earned.

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