Triads and Tribulations GTA3
Try parking the fish van here for the final warlord

In Triads and Tribulations your mission is to take out Triad warlords as war breaks out between the Mafia and the Triads.

Pick up the two mafia men, but don’t hang around for too long as the Triads will attack and take out the mafia men before you’ve even got started. Get yourself a strong car, as usual the Patriot is a good choice.

There are three Triad warlords to take out in three separate locations. You don’t need to take out the other Triad members, unless they get in your way. Part of the fun in this mission is to watch the chaos around you as the gang war breaks out – it’s also a good chance to pick up some free weapons with Uzis up for grabs as the gang members get taken out.

In the Fish Market you can just turn in and run him down without leaving the car. He is on the move, but it’s easy to line him up. After each warlord it’s a good idea to get into a new vehicle as you’ll likely have taken on damage with the chaos around you. You’re not against the clock, so there’s no rush.

For the second warlord in Chinatown, select a suitable weapon, shotgun if you have it, even better if you have sniper rifle, but an Uzi will do the job. Run in, take out the warlord and run out before you get taken out. It’s a good idea to pick up armour from Ammunation and to restore your health at the hospital if you get hit.

Now it’s onto the Triad’s fish factory for the final warlord. There are a few different ways to complete this mission. To enter the factory you’ll need a fish van. Just drive around Chinatown until you see one, but be careful you don’t get caught out in the crossfire. Drive up to the gates of the fish factor, round the back and then run over the warlord – the key is to keep moving as you’ll be quickly surrounded if you stop.

Alternatively you can stand up on the hill at the back of the factory and then lob some grenades at your target. Equally you could fire a shot next to the wall and they will all come over making it easier to hit your target.

Easier still is to park a vehicle next to the wall, fire a shot to attract their attention and then blow up your vehicle taking them out in the process.

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