In Blow Fish you’re tasked to drive a Bin Lorry, or Dustcart, rigged with a bomb to the Triad Fish Factory.

There’s a tricky balance to strike between speed and care – it’s on a timer so you’ll have to be reasonably quick, but it’s also very sensitive so you have to avoid damage or it’ll blow when the damage meter maxes out.

You pick up the Bin Lorry from 8-Ball’s and thankfully it’s a straight road more or less all the way to the factory, just take care with cars doing random things at crossroads and you should be able to get there intact with enough time to spare. Definitely avoid knocking over pedestrians and getting wanted stars or you’ll soon be toast.

When you reach the factory park it round the back in between the gas canisters as indicated
and get clear of the lorry when it blows. The Triads will shoot at you before and after the explosion, but either take them on or get into one of the many lorries and drive off.

That’s it, you’ve now completed all Toni’s missions and can move onto finishing Salvatore’s missions to unlock the next set of Portland challenges.

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