Blow Up Dolls is the next mission in the war against the Sindaccos, as Toni tries to destroy their casino in an act of revenge.

The mission title itself is another ‘tasteful’ pun worthy of the seedy JD. First you need to find a suitable vehicle on which to plant a device, any normal car will do. Drive over to 8-Ball’s and park it in the garage. Be careful as you exit and keep an eye on the damage meter.

Now you can do this the stealthy way and park up near the Sindaccos and take them out from a distance. In reality though you don’t need to do this and can just go gung-ho and drive straight in and over them. Just make sure that you don’t lose momentum or you’ll be dragged out of the car. As you’ll see in the video, you can mess this part of the mission up quite badly and still complete it despite damaging the car and not driving straight into the yellow marker!

Leap over the wall until you’re a reasonable distance and then tap on the detonator to trigger the epic cut scene and that’s the end of the Sindacco casino and revenge for Toni.