Oh no, Salvatore has been kidnapped and in the Salvatore’s Salvation mission it’s down to Toni to save him. This can be a tricky mission to master, but thankfully there you have a few chances to save him.

Start the mission with a fast vehicle – a police car or a bike are good options depending on your approach to the mission.

Hop on your vehicle and then follow the blue car at a safe distance. Don’t try to destroy it as need to watch where it goes. When the blue car parks up nearby a warehouse, you trigger the cut scene.

There are a few different approaches to take:

1) Drive straight into the warehouse and start firing to take out the Sindaccos before they drive off to the crusher. Jump in the car and then drive to Salvatore’s. Just try not to flip it while he’s in the trunk or you’ll fail the mission.

2) Try and block it with a long vehicle to buy yourself some time. We’ve found this has mixed results and it’s hard to line it up correctly with option 1) much more reliable.

3) If you mess up part 1, you can drive straight to the crusher. All the better if you have a fast vehicle as you can get there well ahead of them. When the car arrives the Sindaccos exit the car and if you’re quick, you can jump in and drive it away before the crusher picks it up. You will have to deal with the Sindaccos who can drag you out of the vehicle or fire at you.