The Exchange GTA3
Where to find the sniper rifle

The Exchange is the big one, the final and most difficult mission in Grand Theft Auto 3.

The odds are not stacked in your favour, but that’s where we’re here to help.

Before you start the mission, you’ll need to hand over $500k, frustrating if you’ve been stocking up at Ammunation. If you need to get hold of money quickly, then read our guide on how to get quick money on GTA3.

All sorted? Then let’s move on to the real business.

Not only do you have to hand over $500k, but you are also searched and lose all of your weapons.

After the cut scene, you’ll need to move very quickly. As ever in GTA3, help is there if you know where to look.

Turn immediately right (or west) and you’ll see a garage with a Cartel Cruiser and some armour to its left. Grab the armour and jump in the Cruiser and head for the exit. The doors will open automatically for you. Run over anyone that gets in your way.

Once you’re out the gate, head west as indicated on the map. You only have just over six minutes, so you’ll need to be fast as there’s a lot of work to do yet.

Key to completing this mission consistently is doing a little forward planning. This is one mission where you really benefit from having a tank.

If you don’t yet have one, then read our guide on how to get a tank on Grand Theft Auto 3.

Park it in your hideout on Shoreside Vale. Ignore the helicopter and head straight for your hideout – west, then left down the winding hill.

Hopefully by this stage of the game you’ll have found enough hidden packages to stock up on weaponry outside your hideout. Collect the available weapons and jump in your tank.

Don’t bother going all the way back up the hill. Instead turn right out of your hideout, then north and jump left off the hill just before your reach the bridge keeping the tank as straight as possible so it doesn’t flip over.

Keep going up the hill, then turn into the entrance smashing through the two Cartel Cruisers which will explode. Jump out and grab their weapons.

On the right as you go down the track is a sniper rifle, so jump out again and grab this.

Get back into the tank and blow up the two Cartel Cruisers in front of you and use the tank’s gun to blast away the Cartel member on top of the container. Again grab the weapons they leave behind.

Get out of the tank and use your sniper rifle to take out the two Cartel members high up the two sets of steps on the right hand side, keeping far enough back that you’re not in range. Don’t bother running up the steps to grab their weapons as you’ll only waste time and leave yourself open to fire.

Then it’s back into the tank and more carnage. Keep moving and firing at everyone and everything in front of you, making sure that you don’t stop for long enough to get thrown out of the tank.

As you move forward the army truck will come at you, but, hey, you’re in a tank. Keep firing and moving until all the Cartel members are dealt with. Get up close to the steps at the end of the track and fire to take out the first Cartel member on top of the steps to the helipad.

Now it’s the final part of the mission. Run up the steps, switch to a powerful weapon and get ready to take out the final three Cartel members, being very careful not to take out Maria in the process. Two are next to Maria – take them out first – and then the final one is to your left (east).

Now it’s down to one final shot. Run over to get the rocket launcher on the left (east) and aim carefully just in front of the helicopter – you only have three shots and time will be running out.

That’s it, you’ve done it and bagged a massive $1m!

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