Now you could earn yourself a tank the hard way by unleashing a trail of carnage to work your way up the stars level to six. However, the chances are the cops, then Feds will have filled you full of holes by then and you’ll have needed to reach the final island.

There are a couple of easier ways. One we’ve already written about in this post on ‘how to get a tank in Grand Theft Auto 3‘.

The other way is easier still, if you’ve progressed far enough into the game, but still pretty time-consuming if you haven’t.

Once you’ve completed the mission on Staunton Island, Arms Shortage (would be handy to have had the tank available for this tricky mission), then return to Phil’s Army Surplus in Rockford where you’ll find a tank which re-spawns.

So, where can you find Phil’s Army Surplus? Check out the location in the two images below.

Now you can enter the tank with zero stars, but unfortunately you need to have completed the final mission (for which it’s handy to have the tank. Hmm).

However, if you’re desperate for a tank and prepared to put in the serious amount of time required, then you can still get hold of a tank with an odd quirk of the game, even before you reach the final island and can earn the six stars to get hold of a tank on the streets.

  1. In the game you’re able to push vehicles now matter how heavy by pushing them. Likewise you can push them with a vehicle, although be prepared that it will explode in time by pushing against the far stronger tank and this is one time you definitely do not want to have to go back and start again. An army truck is a good choice and there’s one right behind you…
  2. Push the tank away from the wall, get into the army truck and start pushing. Once this explodes find yourself a similarly robust vehicle making sure you don’t stray too far from the scene and the tank disappears.
  3. Push it all the way to your hideout – yes, we did say it was going to take a long time…
  4. In a quirk of the game, locked vehicles stored in your hideout garage become unlocked next time you enter the garage.
  5. That’s an unlocked tank for you on Staunton Island.

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How to find Phil's Army Surplus