Plaster Blaster can be a frustratingly difficult mission to complete. The old charmer Ray tells you to take out the witness you failed to kill in ‘Silence the Sneak’ before he testifies. This means you have to do Ray’s dirty work yet again.

The witness is travelling in an ambulance and once it reaches the police station it’s mission over. To complete this mission you can take one of two approaches.

On foot

The ambulance will generally follow the same route entering the police station to the east, going south. You can lie in wait for it with a rocket launcher and try and take it out.

There are several challenges with this approach. The Yardies in the area will try and take you out, plus if you get too near the police station, the cops will be onto you with high-powered weapons. So, wait a little to the north and you’ll need two clear hits.

Once you’ve destroyed the ambulance, either lob a grenade or two at the witness or get a heavy car like an army truck and run him over. An army truck will also prevent the cops from causing too much damage with your wanted level up to three.

Behind the wheel

Get to the ambulance as fast as you can in a robust car like a Patriot or an army truck. Drive alongside and use the Uzi or try and smash the back of the ambulance, so the witness falls out the back, while trying to keep out of the way of the cops.

You’ll need to be quick as when the ambulance reaches the police station it’s mission failed.

Once you’ve damaged the ambulance sufficiently, just run him over – he’s not going anywhere in that body cast after all.

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