Dam and Blast GTA San AndreasDam and Blast is next in the set of Heist missions. The size of the crew for the heist is growing fast and you’re almost ready to hit the casino. First though, you’ll need to disable the power and that means taking out the generators in the massive dam over to the north west of the island.

Quite why you can’t just drive there is not explained, but you’ll need to head over to the airport to then fly over the dam and parachute onto it.

Reach the airport and a plane is waiting for you which you’ll need to pilot to the jump point over the dam. You’ll need to get plenty of height, so take your time sweeping round to the west and keep an eye on the triangle marker as when it turns into a square you have reached the correct height which is around two thirds up the second white height indicator.

When you fly through the corona, press the airplane button to jump out. Spin around so you can see the red column showing you the land spot. Keep turning around if you think you’re going to miss it.

Annoyingly, when you land you have mysteriously lost all your weapons, although don’t worry you get them back at the end of the mission for reasons unknown…

There’s a knife near to the red container which you’ll need to complete a stealth kill on the guards. Alternatively, you could do this the long way and head off to Ammunation to restock your weapons and head back using the jet pack!

Approach the knife in stealth mode and check that the guard is facing away from you and then attack. Use the red markers to check which way they are facing if you can’t already see them.

Step into the red marker to cue a cut scene explaining that the guards have been alerted to your presence and the cops are on their way. You’ll need to leave a charge on each of the generators. You can reach them by heading up the stairs on left of the entrance. Keep an eye on the guards position while you do so and you should be able to creep around largely undetected. Be careful about not being spotted as some of the guards have handguns which can make short work of you.

When you’ve laid charges on each of the five generators, walk into the red marker to cue the cut scene of Carl’s escape and you’ll have earned more respect for your daring do.

If you want to head back to Las Ventures quickly there’s a sea plane to your south. Miraculously all your weapons are then returned.



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