Cop Wheels GTA San AndreasIn Cop Wheels, Carl takes the growing team through the next stage of the plan for the heist. He’ll try and get as much police attention as possible while the others escape with the money.

The mafia usually moves money out of the casino in an armoured car with a police escort, so the mission involves stealing four police bikes to provide a fake escort to accompany a resprayed armoured car.

There’s a packer lorry circulating Las Venturas. Your job is to jack four specific police bikes and ride them up and onto the moving packer. You can’t just steal random police bikes for some reason, it has to be the four indicated on the map.

You have 12 minutes to complete the mission. The cops will usually try to jump on their bikes when you approach them, so try and take them out before they have a chance to do so to avoid wasting time chasing them and doing a drive-by or knocking them off the bike. A simple way is just to park in front of the bike and then knock him off.

It’s best to start on a bike yourself to be able to move through the streets at speed, so park one outside or jack a fast car on the Strip. Check the map and plot the fastest route to the bikes. Annoyingly, the position of the Packer is not indicated until you’re on the first bike. However, start with the one to the south east and that should line things up.

Watch out for other cops who will arrive quickly on the scene and try and bust you off the bike.

To get the bikes onto the Packer you’ll need to drive slowly to avoid doing a jump off the other side. Come to a stop and then jump off the Packer. You should have a couple of stars, so the cops should be on hand. Jack their car and turn on the siren to clear the traffic for you!

Quickly check the map and move onto the next one taking care to line up the police officer next to the bike each time or you’ll have a difficult chase with cops on your tail.

Get all four onto the Parker and you’ll complete the mission and earn more respect. Bizarrely, even if you have a full set of stars and cops right behind you, the stars will all be lost.

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