How to get a tank in GTA San AndreasIf you want to know how to get a tank in GTA San Andreas, you’ve come to the right place.

There are several ways to go hold of a tank, some easier than others. No cheats required.

The easy way – Area 51

Now there are a couple of caveats with this method. First, you’ll need to have reached the island and completed the Verdant Meadows mission. After you’ve done so, tanks will spawn in Area 52 to the south of the airstrip.

Simply drive up to the south east of Area 52 where you’ll see a separate area containing a helicopter, patriot and two hangers with tanks inside. There’s a spot in the fence where there’s no wall, only fence. Drive through this and then into the hangar. To make it even easier, the Feds don’t even chase you into the compound.

Jump inside your tank and then head back out the way you came.

Drive back to the airstrip, jump out of the tank and then save the game without getting wasted. That’s it, park the tank in your garage and go and get another one!

The harder way

Again, you’ll need to have reached the third island, as you can only generate six stars once you’ve done so. Find an area with overhead cover, one of the car parks for instance. There’s one in the north west of Las Venturas, just to the north of the burger joint – even better there’s a rocket launcher on the top level.

Start shooting. Blow up everything that comes into your path – the rocket launcher is ideal. If you want to get there quicker than step onto the roof and blast a heli out of the sky which should generate you a star every time.

When you hit six stars wait for a tank to approach. Switch to a handheld weapon and shoot at the tank until the soldiers jump out. Waste them and then jump into the tank and again drive it to a save point to keep it.

The very hard way

When you’ve completed 100% in the game (a whole post in itself) one will automatically spawn under the bridge in Grove Street. However, if you’ve reached 100% you don’t really need a tank any more apart from going on random rampages (OK, you do need a tank…).