Verdant Meadows GTA San AndreasVerdant Meadows is not a mission as such. All you need to do is to drive to the abandoned airport as indicated on the map and then enter the green house symbol. Surely you can manage that?

Even if you tried to fail the mission once started you can’t. Jump off a mountain and it’s still there. Get busted by the cops and it’s still going. Run out of breath underwater and it’s… You get the idea, just head over the airport and get on with it!

The only catch is that it will cost you $80000 to purchase it. Best of all, is that there’s always a high powered motorbike there which re-spawns. Ideal when you’re so far from anywhere else in the game.

When you’re there, you start a tricky set of flying missions which can take time to master if you’re not used to the sometimes fiddly flying controls. More on that in the next set of guides…

And if you want to have a little fun on the way, go via the army base to the south, slam into the fence to gain 5 wanted stars and then head to the airport and save the game. The mass of police vehicles in pursuit will then be abandoned and you can park them in the garage that’s available.

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