Key to her Heart GTA San AndreasKey to her Heart is the next stage of the Caligula casino heist. Carl has the plans which reveal where the cash is held in the casino. Now they need a keycard to help penetrate the various levels of security and Carl knows just where to get one – from someone on the inside.

Head over to Caligula’s casino where you find a croupier who not only has a keycard, but also knows the code. Follow her at a distance being careful not to scare her as shown on the spook-o-meter. She doesn’t get spooked that easily, so it’s not difficult to stay out of range.

Then, she heads into the sex shop and you need to follow her in, of course… It turns out she’s quite a kinky girl and you’ll need to pick up a gimp suit for this mission before trailing her back to her house. Kill the gimp who turns up at her house, steal the dildo and in your go for your punishment!

Before you get the card, you’ll need to wine and dine her. You’ll need to put the suit back on before your dates to increase the chances of you getting your hands on that keycard.

If you want to speed things up, then use the safehouse around the corner to save the game twice to advance the time and pop back in your gimp suit for more punishment! Three or four visits should do it, after which Milly will call offering you the keycard in exchange for a cut.

If you can’t be bothered to take her out a few times then you can just shoot her outside the house and Woozie will call you to tell you to search inside the house. Who said romance was dead?!

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