Architectural Espionage GTA San Andreas
There are the plans you need to photograph on the wall

In Architectural Espionnage you find the perfect spot to plan the heist on Caligula’s casino. The only problem is you don’t have the plans of the casino layout yet.

First though you’ll need to steal a camera from one of the tourists on the strip. There are four of them to the north as indicated by the red marker. When you have one head over to the City Planning Department and go to the front desk. Go there in a fast car as you’ll need this later on.

You access the stairwell to the left. When you reach the top you’ll be told to head back downstairs to create a distraction. Go down a couple of floors and watch for the yellow triangle to change to a rectangle to indicate you’re on the correct floor. Walk through the rooms until you reach the old aircon units and then just shoot to destroy them.

This will trigger the fire alarm. Head back up the stairs to the top floor, enter the room directly in front and then photograph the Caligula layout which is on the wall on the right.

The cops will then be on the scene, so shoot as you go down and out of the building. There is usually a cop waiting for you at each floor, so crouch creep around the corner and shoot to work your way out. There are more cops waiting for you in the lobby, but you can just run past them and out.

Outside you’ll pick up four wanted stars, so jump into that fast car you parked outside. Now you could head to the Pay’N’Spray, but it’s as quick to head straight to the casino where you’ll earn additional respect points.

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