Freefall GTA San AndreasIn Freefall you meet Salvatore in Caligula’s casino, with Rosenberg cowering in the corner and the band members upside down…

The Forellis are planning a hit on Salvatore and you’ll need your flying and combat skills to stop it. Head over to the airport to start the mission proper.

Their plane is on its way and in this tricky mission you’ll need to intercept the plane, jump aboard and waste the Forelli hit squad. Use the height indicator until the yellow triangle turns to a square, so you know you’re at the right level to intercept the plane.

When you reach the plane, you’ll need to swing around 180 degrees or so to catch up with it and then fly through the red corona. This is easier said than done as if you don’t catch it in time you’ll fail the mission.

It’s best to start slightly above the height of the other plane, a little above the first full white height indicator, and a few degrees to the right and then sweep down to gain speed. Try not to lose any time on the turn either. By starting slightly to the right you’ll have less of a turn to do and won’t lose as much speed.

Carl then freedives out of the plane onto the jet. Seriously.

There are then five mobsters to take out using the target point which you hold to set the right direction. When you’ve taken them all out the pilot appears and repeat to get rid of him and grab the controls of the plane.

Take your time, slow the jet down and land on the runway safely for a well earned $15000 and more respect.

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