Misappropriation GTA San Andreas
Climb up the hill and stand in this position for the easiest of completions

In Misappropriation Tenpenny and Pulaski are back in town and having a barbecue. How nice.

However, they spoil the atmosphere by not only revealing that they are on the verge of losing their badges, but worst of all the meat still hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe Carl could pop back over to the Sindacco abattoir?

Now this could be one of the easiest missions of one of the hardest. It’s up to you.

Tenpenny tells you to retrieve a damning dossier from Aldea Malvada which is being handed over from a DEA agent to an FBI agent.

The easiest way

Now, this is almost ridiculously easy. Jump out of your vehicle and climb up the hillside from the west. Don’t follow the road to the top. When you reach the top in the position indicated in the image above, creep forward and you’ll see the agent as indicated by the red marker. Shoot him with a powerful weapon and then run forward and collect the dossier before the other agents can pick it up. Erm, that’s it. Mission passed.

Slightly harder way

When you reach the top, use a rocket launcher to blow up the helicopters preventing the others from escaping. Then it’s a shootout with the agents to reach the dossier.

Much harder

If the above are simply too easy or boring for you, then you can do this the hard way. When you reach the top, start shooting and the agent will escape in one of the choppers. Jump in another chopper to give chase, firing as you run towards it to deal with those other agents shooting at you. Your chopper is much faster than his, so it’s simple enough to catch him and then keep up.

Fly the chopper in pursuit first to a helipad for another chance of taking him out or if you still can’t take him out then it’s off to an underground car park for a big shootout with yet more agents.

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