In The Getaway, Joey Leone task you with being the getaway driver in a bank robbery. You should find a suitable vehicle with room for four, again a Patriot is a good choice and drive to the safehouse in St. Marks.

Tempting as it is to rush, make sure you drive carefully to minimise damage to your vehicle, heading to the Pay’ N’ Spray if necessary.

Once there, you pick up the bank robbers and head to the bank making sure you’re there before five o’clock. Make sure you point the car north before you go into the blue shaded area. When they exit the bank, you’ll have three stars and the cops will try and ram you off the road.

Then it’s down to you to lose the stars. The obvious way is to head to the Pay’ N’ Spray, although you’ll make things easier by heading down the alleyway north of the bank and driving through the star to get down to two stars.

Providing you’re quick enough you may not even have to deal with cops ramming you before you reach the Pay’ N’ Spray and it’s a relatively easy $30k to try and fit into your pocket (or even reinvest in the bank!).

If you run into trouble and your car gets destroyed you’ll need to change cars. As long as you bring one robber back with you you’ll pass the mission.

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