Taking out the Laundry GTA3
The correct position to launch the grenade at the laundry vans

In Taking out the Laundry, it’s time to revisit the story of the Triads taking over Toni’s protection racket. Toni is looking for payback, so tasks you with destroying two Triad laundry vans.

There are a couple of different approaches to take in this mission, so make sure you do your planning.

Firstly, you can hijack the laundry vans when they stop at the lights, making sure to block them with your vehicle – just make sure you don’t ram them first or they will drive off trying to escape.

You can try and ram them into flames but it takes quite a few hits and you’ll as likely destroy your own vehicle and end up taking a long time to complete the mission. If you do decide to ram them again a Patriot is a good choice of vehicle.

Better still is to get hold of some grenades from 8-Ball whose location you’ll see highlighted with a green icon with a gun as per Ammunation. Once you’ve got hold of the grenades, it’s a case of waiting until the laundry vans stop and then standing in front of them to stop them, pointing yourself towards them and tapping the fire button, easier said than done (see the image for the right position).

Get up close and do a quick tap, otherwise you’ll launch it too far and risk the driver speeding away. Just make sure get far enough away to avoid getting hit by the grenade.

Repeat the process for the other two vans and it’s mission accomplished.

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