Van Heist GTA3
Where to find the Patriot. A handy vehicle for this and a number of other missions

In Van Heist, you’re tasked with stealing a pay roll van and taking it to a secure warehouse at the docks. This time bullets won’t harm the van, so you’ll need a strong vehicle, ideally an army truck, but a Patriot will do the job.

You can find a Patriot near the hospital or in the car park of the Supasave, just to the south of the hospital which also unlocks the Patriot Challenge. Not sure where the hospital is? Take on some of the cops or jump into water and you’ll soon find out!

Use your radar to track down the van and start ramming it, you’ll do the most damage side on, so line it up and hit it with as much speed as you can or alternatively try to pin it against a wall.

You’ll attrack the attention of the cops, which you can shake off by visiting the Pay’ N’ Spray or simply keep going and ignore them, especially if you’re lucky enough to find an army truck. Indeed a Patriot should be strong enough to persevere with.

Once you’ve racked up enough damage the driver will bail and it’s down to you to get the van to the warehouse. Make sure you stop a little way from the van or you risk getting busted by the cops as soon as you get in.

The van should be strong enough to survive two star cops, so just drive the warehouse and drop off the van. As soon as you enter the blue shaded area the wanted stars will disappear and it’s mission over and a cool $20k in the bank.

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