In Dead Skunk in the Trunk, your mission is to take a car with a dead Forelli in the trunk to the crusher. When you pick up the car, the Forellis in two cars will chase and ram your car making it a challenge to reach the crusher intact.

There are several strategies you can adopt to pass this mission.

Firstly, you can rely on your driving skills and try and evade the chasing cars by powering through the traffic, trying to hit as little as possible and to avoid the chasing Forelli brothers. This takes a fair amound of skill and luck at this early stage in the game. You can make things easier by heading into the tunnel to the right and opposite the car park and with a little evasive driving one of the Forelli cars will shoot past you and into the sea.

Alternatively, you can stack the odds in your favour by targeting the Forelli car before you pick up the mission vehicle. If you have the right weaponry, just take it out with a grenade, but the chances are you won’t have any at this stage of the game.

You can prime a car with a bomb at 8-Ball’s and detonate it next to the Forelli car, but even quicker is to place a car next to the Forelli car and shoot at it until it catches fire. The next Forelli will then appear, but you can lose him using the tunnel tip above. Then just drive carefully to the crusher and its mission accomplished.

Another tip is to place vehicles, ideally a coach, around the Forelli car in the car park to delay it while you make your escape, but you may end up having to take on two cars at the same time.

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