In Smack Down, it’s time to take on the Yazuka’s other rivals, the Yardies. Your attempt to break up the Yardie’s partnership with the Columbian Cartel has failed and they are dealing Spank on the streets much to Kenji’s fury.

Kenji tells you to take out the Yardie Spank dealers from across the city, but you’ll have to be quick as they start disappearing from the streets the longer you take. You’ll need to take out at least 8 to complete the mission with a bonus $1000 for every additional Yardie dealer you take out.

This mission is all about having a fast car and keeping a close eye on your radar to plan the most efficient route. A police car is a good balance of speed and strength, although a Banshee or a Stinger will do the job just as well.

Don’t bother getting out of the car to shoot the Yardies, simply run them over at a reasonable speed and move on. If it looks like your car is about to explode make sure you switch it for another to avoid having to run around looking for a replacement.

Approach them too slowly and they will start shooting, too fast and you’ll damage your car, so line them up carefully and you should be fine.

The challenge with this mission is avoiding any wasted time due to wayward driving or failing to locate the Yardie. If you’re not sure where one is go onto the next one. One tip is that they are generally on the level below the bridge to Shoreside Vale.

Another tip is not to waste time navigating your way through the park – use the roads to find the nearest entrance and then drive the minimum distance in the park.

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