Farewell Chunky Lee Chong GTA3
One of Chunky’s two available cars. No, we don’t know why he has two either…

So, it’s time to say Farewell to ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong as you get stuck into one of the more fun missions in Grand Theft Auto 3.

By this stage you’ll be familiar both with weaponry and driving skills and you’ll need both.

Joey tasks you with taking out ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong, a noodle stall owner who is selling the drug spank on the side. This is one of the more challenging early missions is your first encounter with the Triads.

Strategy one – chase and take out his car

The mission doesn’t start until you’ve reached the section of Chinatown marked by the green square, so you’ve time to find the right car. You’ll need a strong car, so either a van or even better a Patriot which are quicker and more agile.

Park this by the entrance and reverse it in so it’s ready to go. Rememer which way you’ve entered Chinatown so you can find your car. This area of Chinatown is pedestrianised, so you can’t just run him over.

It’s a good idea to get the most firepower you can for this mission or you’ll be taken out by the Triads who will start shooting when you approach his stall. Don’t waste time taking them all out, just take out a few and then run back to your vehicle making sure you’re quick enough that they don’t pull you out when you get in.

Keep a close eye on the radar, as if ‘Chunky’ gets out of range, he’ll escape and it’s mission over. Use the radar to check where he’s heading – even if you knock him off course he will usually use the same route.

If you have a machine gun available, then line up alongside his car and start shooting until his car goes on fire. If you run out of bullets then keep ramming him, but take care not to flip your car or he’ll get away while you try and find another suitable vehicle.

His car is slow, so take your time and try to smash his car into walls and you’ll soon have his car in flames. Once it is, he’ll make a run for it and you can run him down with ease.

Strategy two – nowhere to run

If all that seems like too much effort, there’s an even easier way. Firstly, find ‘Chunky’s’ two Perenniels (see the image on the right) at the opposite entrances to Chinatown. Destroy or drive them away and then he’ll be on foot and an easy target. Then all you need to do is run him over or shoot him.

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