In Cipriani’s Chauffeur you’re introduced to Toni who’ll be giving you a set of missions later in the game. You are given a a straightforward task – drive Toni to a laundry in Chinatown to pick up some protection money and then onto a restaurant in St Mark’s.

However, all does not go smoothly for Toni as he is chased out of the laundry by the Triads who are muscling in on his protection racket. You’ll need to speed away quickly to avoid the shots blowing up the car, but that’s about it. If you’re in the mood you can run down some of the Triads, but it’s not essential.

This is the simplest of missions. You just need to be able to drive in a straight line and avoid getting yourself or Toni killed by messing about. Drive to Toni’s house and you’ll now have a ‘T’ on the map and another set of missions to complete.

In Toni’s area of town, you’ll also find lost of black suited mafia men. Run them over to stock up free weapons, including machine guns on some of them. It’s also a useful source of Mafia Sentinels, fast and strong cars that can prove useful in later missions.

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