The Fuzz Ball GTA3
The Patriot – a good choice for completing The Fuzz Ball

In The Fuzz Ball have to deliver Luigi’s girls to the Policeman’s Ball. It’s vital to find yourself a car with more than two passenger seats, a taxi or Patriot are good choices.

Get the car before you start the mission, so you don’t waste any time finding a suitable car.

This mission is all about driving speed and using the radar. As soon as you’re in your car, press the radar button which pauses the timer and allows you to pick a route. Find the most efficient route to pick up three girls at a time and get driving. Don’t try and go too fast or you’ll crash and have to find another car losing valuable time.

Also be careful that you don’t run any of the girls over when approaching them. Once you’ve picked up three girls, drive them to the Policeman’s Ball as quickly as you safely can.

You’ll need to deliver at least four girls to complete the mission, although you’ll get a bonus $500 for each one. If time is running short, then focus on delivering the four, if not get as many as you can. It’s difficult to deliver all eight but not impossible with a little practice.

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