Pump Action Pimp GTA3
Get in some target practice

It’s Pump-action Pimp and time to take on the Diablo gang.

First up, unless you’ve been picking up ammunition by going on a little rampage of your own, you’ll need to drive to Ammunation – marked with a green icon with a gun in the middle.

At this stage of the game the weapons are out of stock, but you’ll find a handgun round the back and can indulge in some target practice.

It’s best to have a reasonably strong car and we’d recommend a Patriot as they are both quick and strong and will ensure you don’t have to replace your car during the mission, especially when you come under fire.

Once you’re armed, follow the Diablo car and then ram it until the two gang members get out. You could use your new skills with a handgun, but it’s easier just to run them over. Once you’ve taken them out you should then pick up the shotgun and machine gun to upgrade your weaponry, but remember that there’s limited ammunition so use it wisely.

If you fancy a chance of wheels, take the Diablo car, as these are quick if not particular great at cornering. If it’s taken from damage in all the excitement just leave it in your garage when you save the game and it will be miraculously repaired.

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