Grand Theft Auto GTA3
The ever useful Pay’N’Spray

Grand Theft Auto is exactly what it says on the tin. Kenji asks you to steal and deliver specific cars to a garage in Newport, next to the Pay’N’Spray.

You’re up against the clock and have to deliver the cars in mint condition. While you can pop into the Pay’N’Spray right next to the garage to fix the cars, this loses you valuable time so it’s a question of balancing the extra speed of driving fast and taking on damage versus the cost of driving slowly and not having to respray the cars.

Most of all take care when driving into the garage as it’s seriously frustrating to have to back out again and respray, then go back in, not to mention the lost time.

You’ll need your driving skills at their best to complete this mission and a little luck to avoid damaging the cars. To start with you’ll need a fast car before you start the mission. Next, you’ll need to learn the location of the cars.

One one you should start with is to the west is inside the project area, so make sure you enter from the north to avoid wasting valuable time. It’s a long way to the garage, so be prepared to drive quickly and then respray.

Don’t waste time trying to find a quick car, just take the Blista at the bottom of the ramp and head off.

The next two are in car parks that are much closer, so just check where the entrance is and drive as fast as you can without damaging the car.

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