Two-Faced Tanner GTA3
Where to find an army truck. If the gates are locked you can go around the back

In Two-Faced Tanner, Asuka has discovered that one of her drivers is a police informant. You know the score, this means you have to take him out.

This can be one of the trickier missions, but with a little strategy you should complete it without too many problems.

Unfortunately, you can’t just detonate his car with a grenade as you’ll fail the mission. Instead you can use one of the following tactics.

When you engage him you’ll pick up wanted stars and will need a strong vehicle, like a police van or an army truck to withstand the hits and do some damage of your own. You can find an army truck at Phil’s Army Surplus by heading round the alley as shown in the screengrab on the north of the island.

No road block

Contrary to some reports you can’t just block his car in with a coach or army truck and then line him up as an easy target.

Weapons upgrade

If you’ve completed Arms’ Shortage, then simply walk into the blue shadow and blow him up as he moves off. Equally you can try this with the M16 (available our article on Paparazzi Purge for the location). Finally you can use an Uzi for a drive-by on his car.

Watery grave

Follow Tanner until he’s alongside some water and then ram him into it, making sure you don’t follow him in yourself.

Route one

Or you can just go route one and use an army truck to ram him into flames while the cops simply bounce off you, probably the most entertaining way to complete the mission. Get up speed, line him up and you’ll soon do enough damage to destroy his vehicle. There’s no need to rush as he shows up on radar.

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