Deal Steal GTA3
The Yardie Lobo, complete with leopard-skin seats

In Deal Steal, Kenji tells you to break up a deal between the Columbians and the Yardies and recover a mystery briefcase.

Needless to say, it’s worth topping up your weapons, armour and health as this is a good old-fashioned shoot-out.

You’ll need to find a Yardie Lobo car which you can find in the Newport area and can be frustrating to find (also look for the Yardie flag on the map and drive around until you find one). If you’re not sure what a Yardie Lobo looks like, see our picture.

First you head off to pick up a Yazuka gunman to provide you with some additional firepower. When he’s in your car, it’s over to the hospital for the shootout.

There are a few ways to tackle the shootout. Either use the Uzi and keep moving and with armour you should take them out with no real problems. Alternatively park your car facing east so you have the car as cover and lob grenades in their direction.

Easier still is to use the AK-47 (found in Bedford Point by walking along the steps opposite the church) and just keep firing until you take out the cars and Columbians. Once this is complete, pick up the briefcase, ammo from the Columbians and head back to Kenji’s to pick up your $25k reward.

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