gta san andreas mobile
GTA is back and it’s a big one, San Andreas

It’s the news all mobile gaming fans of Grand Theft Auto have been waiting to hear, a new GTA title is on its way.

As we predicted earlier in the year, it will be released in December 2013 and it will be a release of an old console title, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, 10 years after its release.

OK, we predicted it might be San Andreas, but thought a GTA 4 title was more likely, but two out of three isn’t bad.

Rockstar promise that the sprawling landscape of San Andreas in the 1990s has been upgraded for its release to mobile across iOS, Android, Kindle and even Windows Mobile, something of a coup for the emerging platform.

They promise upgraded graphics, colours, shadows, touch controls and characters and cars, although the proof will be in the gaming when we find out just how playable what was a seemingly endless PC and console title will be on the smaller mobile screens.

Perhaps the best news though is that the checkpoint system has been modified meaning it will be easier to save mid-mission and helping to avoid those endless repeated missions having to do the same journey over and over again (prime example being The Job in GTA Vice City, one of our most popular posts of all time).

Needless to say this is just the Christmas present Follow That App has been waiting for as we look to add to the extensive walkthroughs for GTA 3 and GTA Vice City by completing and then writing up ever level of the game that you need to progress to its conclusion.

And indeed will Rockstar be including cheats for mobile, something they haven’t done on the last titles making it all the harder to complete the levels, but hopefully all the more reason to visit this site for our guides.