The Job - GTA Vice CityIt’s time for The Job and the bank raid itself, one of the best missions in the game and your chance to take part in your own little movie cliché.

As always in tough missions make sure your armour and health are topped up.

You now have a safe cracker, driver, arms man and of course your good self. First a little light relief as you drive over to the bank with your team squabbling like children all the way.

Bizarrely there are no cars about, but if you walk a couple of hundred yards, you can see any approaching cars simply vanishing. You can try jacking one and parking it to the north of the bank, but we found the car simply vanished as well.

Now follow the purple indicators until you enter into the bank and trigger the cut scene. You and Cam go in search of the vault upstairs – whatever you do don’t shoot any of the bank staff or a big fight will break out and put Phil and the mission at risk.

As you head up the stairs to the right and emerge into the next level, two guards will start shooting at you, so take them out with a M4 or similar. Again as you go up the next level and onto the balcony there’s another guard on the balcony and another waiting on the right hand doorway.

When you enter the level containing the safe again there’s another guard around the corner. You’ll now need to head back down and find the manager. Head back into the lift and the manager is down a level in the office at the end. On the room on the left before you go in is some body armour and inside the manager’s room is some health.

Then it’s back up to the safe once again with the manager. Thankfully this whole section is not against the clock so you can take your time.

Once you’ve delivered the manager to the safe, you go to check on Phil and sure enough someone has triggered the alarm and the SWAT team are on their way.

Get yourself downstairs to help Phil. When you’re ready enter the purple marker, select your M4 and await the arrival of the SWAT team. As the smoke grenades hit back up a little and then use your M4 to take them out as they slide down the ropes.

Even when Phil says they are all taken care of, there’s usually one left on the balcony above you so be careful. When he’s dealt with, it’s time for the great escape.

Strategy tips for The Job

Hilary leaves the taxi outside leaving you and Phil to try and escape. There are a couple of options here. You can either start shooting with your M4 or rocket launcher to clear the area or you can run around the corner left of the exit to avoid the waiting cops.

You don’t need to escape in the taxi and can steal another car or even the SWAT van once you’ve cleared a path, although the Pay’N’Spray won’t accept police vehicles. You also don’t always need to wait for Phil and can pick him up after reaching the Pay’N’Spray, but we found that sometimes he gets killed if left behind.

Frustratingly, there are virtually no cars around, so even if you run around the corner it’s hard to find a non-police vehicle and bear in mind that the Pay’N’Spray won’t touch a police vehicle. If you’ve dealt with the Feds, then you should be able to jump into the taxi and make it to the Pay’N’Spray as it’s only a short drive to the north.

If you or the Feds have killed Cam you earn a reward of $50,000, but only $30,000 if he makes it. Harsh, but this is a bank job after all…

You’ve also now completed the Malibu Club mission.