UK Smartphone market share 2013Android may be the big beast of the Smartphone market in the UK featuring on more than half of handsets, but the iPhone is fighting back.

A quick look at the stats covering July 2012-July 2013 tells a familiar story of late. Android has an impressive 55.2% of the market, with iPhone back in second with 31.3%. In a distant third place is Windows with 9.5% with Blackberry falling yet further behind with 3.7%.

The real story though is in the trends. Android is down 3.8% year-on-year, not a huge concern with such a large lead and with further impressive handsets to come, particularly from Samsung.

Apple’s iPhone is gaining back ground with a notable 7.8% rise and this is before the record sales of the iPhone 5C and 5S kick in to the stats.

Blackberry looks in serious trouble with a 7.5% fall and the writing looks on the wall with the company looking for buyers and their killer app BBM now on other platforms, suggesting a move towards software and services over handsets.

The interesting story though is with Windows who have been making major ground with a 5.0% gain, with much of that gain down to 42% of new users upgrading from feature phones to Smartphone, proportionally much more than iPhone and Android new users. Android and particularly iPhone users are less likely to switch platforms, but Windows can keep gaining as the remaining feature phone market switches to Smartphones in the UK.