Turismo GTA3
Turismo is a lot easier with one of these Banshees

Turismo is where you really earn your spurs at driving in Grand Theft Auto 3. You’ll need to win this race to unlock El Burro’s missions. Turismo takes the right choice of car, a little luck and plenty of practice to master driving fast and smooth along the course.

When you walk into the blue telephone icon on the radar, El Burro of the Diablos challenges you to a street race. You’ll need to choose your car carefully.

The real challenge in this section of the game is to avoid damaging your car by getting taken out by the other cars in the race, smashing into other cars in the game and not flipping your car.

We’ve found two vehicles in particular do the job well – our old favourite the Patriot, but if you go to the car showroom next to 8-Ball’s bomb shop you’ll find a banshee. Banshee’s are usually only found in the second island and are more than quick enough to complete Turismo.

Before you start, make sure your car is in good condition – if not take back to the garage in your hideout or the Pay’N’Spray to restore it.

Next, you’ll need to keep checking your radar. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing a turn and losing position. As each checkpoint comes up, open up your map and plan your route as the next checkpoint will be indicated on the map.

Now you can try and stack things in your favour by placing a coach in front of the other three cars, but it doesn’t make a huge difference to the overall game as the other cars will soon smash their way through.

As the race progresses the other cars indulge in some crazy driving and will often smash into each other or you and lose position.

If you manage to keep on the track, avoid too much trouble and have a decent car you should make it to the front. If your car does explode you can exit and find another but it’s down to luck which you can find near you and how far the other cars catch up or get ahead.

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